About Us

We are a Łódź-based company operating throughout Europe established based on the code of commercial companies with a 100% share of Polish capital. We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of toner, ink, components for remanufacturing, and other accessories for printing and all-in- one equipment. Our main assets include our long-term experience, and the high quality of our services. We have operated in the market since 2006, and since then we have gradually consolidated our strong market position, and we have gained the trust of new clients. We constitute a well-organised and efficient team of young people open to new technology, and still developing new and unique ideas. We think out of the box devising new directions for expanding our creativity. Since the very beginning, we have possessed a huge potential in the form of knowledge brought in by our employees. That has enabled us to become recognised by the biggest, and the most demanding companies and organisations.

Our mission

THI – Tech Hub Innovation – is not just a name; it is our mission by which we live, develop, and improve each day. We share with our Clients novelties in printing technology so that they as well can develop their know-how in the area. We have always based our cooperation on partnership, and mutual respect.

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