Our products are manufactured using top quality materials which hold the necessary certificates. Our carefully selected components in combination with cutting-edge technology enable us to develop products of the highest quality. In order to maintain world-class standards, we conduct at our Laboratory: tests, measurements, and analyses, which enable us to adjust our products to the strictest market requirements and needs. Find out about all our products.


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Ink cartridges

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Fax film


(chips, drums (OPC),
toner in bags and bottles,
scrapers, feeders,
transport covers,transport seals,
feeder roller, PCR charging electrodes)


Pursuant to Art. 558 of the Civil Code, THI shall not be deemed liable based on any warranty for physical or legal faults of the goods. The usage of our products does not exclude the legal liability ofprinter manufacturers for faulty equipment. Any contractual provisions, excluding a seller liability, despite any fault identified in a piece of equipment caused by the seller, are contrary to the provisions of the Act of 27 Jul 2002 on the special conditions of consumer sales, and the Directive of the Council of the European Union 93/13/EEC dated 5 Apr 1993. Pursuant to Art. 14(4) of the Consumer Sales Act: Guarantee for goods sold to consumers does not exclude, limit, or otherwise suspend the rights of the buyer due to the inconsistency between the goods and the agreement.

Guarantee shall not cover

1. Products by other manufacturers.

2. Worn out products:

– toners used up to 60% or more,

– ink cartridges used up to 50% or more.

3. Products damaged mechanically through:

– breaking guarantee seals,

– actions of unauthorised persons,

– undertaking repair attempts.

4. Products for which the guarantee period expired.

The guarantee does not apply to buyers if on the date of reporting a fault of goods, they remain inarrears with a payment for more than 21 days since the payment due date. The guarantee cannot be reintroduced if within 7 days from the date of reporting the fault, the buyer shall not cover any relevant overdue payments. The review period of a claim begins on the day of covering any relevant overdue payments.

Mode of placing a complaint


1. A complaint report (a report template is available on the website) should be filled out indicating the invoice for the purchase of the relevant product, and it should be included in the package with the faulty items.

2. A complaint report must be placed in a visible location on the collective box which includes the faulty items.

3. The faulty items together with the complaint report must be sent or delivered by the buyer at their own expense to the address of THI.

4. Should the complaint report not be included, the complaint may not be reviewed, and it will be suspended until the delivery of the missing documents.

5. When inquiring about the status of a complaint, please specify it by providing the date ofsending the package, waybill no., and forwarding.


Reviewing a complaint


1. A complaint shall be reviewed within 14 workdays.

2. THI shall make every effort to ensure that a response to a complaint report is not offered later than within 14 workdays. If for reasons outside of THI’s control the date cannot be met, we shall reserve the right to extend the deadline for reviewing a complaint.

3. If THI considers a complaint as valid, THI reserves the right to select the manner of satisfy ing the claim resulting from the complaint. Should a complaint be considered valid, THI shall replace the goods with one which is free of any faults, or shall issue a corrective invoice.

4. A standard practice for satisfying claims resulting from complaints shall be the issuance of a corrective invoice for the faulty product. THI shall reserve the right not to offer such a type of satisfaction in special cases, and to undertake a decision regarding the mode of settling a complaint pursuant to Art. 3 herein.

Report a faulty piece of equipment – step by step


1. Should a damage occur, please report it immediately to the Complaints Department. For a complaint to be accepted, it is necessary to possess our product which was used during the failure.

2. Please include in the report a description of the circumstances, and a photograph indicating the fault.

3. Prepare the damaged piece of equipment properly for transport, considering any and all protections (appropriate cardboard box, Styrofoam, or bubble wrap to fill excess spaces) as specified by the manufacturer, and the shipping agency.

4. The Complaint Department shall define a convenient reception date with the shipping agent.

5. A damaged piece of equipment shall be repaired within 21 workdays.

6. A repaired piece of equipment together with the printing insert shall be sent back to the client via a forwarding company selected by THI.

7. THI repairs equipment reported as faulty only upon notification of the Complaint Department. THI shall not be deemed liable for any and all damages not caused through the use of our company’s printing inserts. If a damage is identified as not being caused by a product by THI, the piece of equipment shall be returned to the client together with a sta tement justifying the rejection of the complaint.

8. THI guarantees to repair or, if repair is not possible, a free-of- charge replacement of a piece of equipment if the damage was caused directly by the use of a THI product.

Return of goods


1. Products are subject to return in the event of an error by a sales specialist or an employee of THI.

2. Returns made in other cases than those specified in Art. 1 herein are possible if accepted by the Manager of the Sales Department.

3. Returned goods must be unused, packed in original packaging without any stickers or descriptions not provided by THI.

4. The cost of return of goods in the cases specified in Art. 2 herein, the cost of transport and securing the goods particularly, shall be covered by the returning party.

5. If goods are returned later than 5 workdays from the date of receiving the goods by the buyer, THI shall be authorised to calculate a return fee in the amount of 5% of the net value of the goods being returned, no less than PLN 20.

6. Products which were delivered to a client based on a special order are not subject to return.